Ruby Hughey

Ruby serves as copy editor and editorial cartoonist on The Beacon for Excelsior Classes.  Born in 2004, she is the second-oldest kid in her family of six.  Ruby has three siblings––two younger brothers and one older sister.  She has a pet bird, Kevin, and a Brittany Spaniel, Holly.  Ruby’s favorite food is peanut butter.  Her greatest fear is being trapped in a small space.  Some of Ruby’s favorite musical artists include:  The Beach Boys, George Gershwin, and Simon and Garfunkel.  Her most memorable travel experience was when she and her family took a vacation to New York City, where she enjoyed the subway rides, the museums, and the busy atmosphere.  For fun, Ruby likes to spend time with her family, draw, read, walk, and listen to records.  She loves to explore nature.  Ruby is becoming an expert in finding Monarch eggs and caterpillars and caring for them until they are ready to be released into the wild.  She enjoys reading Ernest Hemingway, however her favorite book of all time is All Quiet on the Western Front.  She was saved by Jesus at the age of three, and is learning to serve him more and more each day.