Ansley Burnette


Ansley Burnette holds a BA in Theatre and a BA in English with a film studies concentration from Samford University. She has published a children’s book, two film essays in the Wide Angle Journal of Literature and Film, and a cinematic novel. Ansley has traveled all around the US to educational conferences with her family’s publishing company. She has also had the opportunity to work on the National Broadway tours of Waitress and Escape to Margaritaville. Ansley currently works at Sight & Sound Theatres as an animal handler and gets to work on stage with a variety animals including horses, macaws, camels, llamas, and pretty much every other animal you can think of.

Growing up in a homeschool family was such a blessing for Ansley, and she is so grateful that her mom (who is also an Excelsior teacher!) and dad sacrificed so much in order to homeschool. Ansley highly values Excelsior’s rigorous and Christ-centered academia and is excited to also bring some more extra-curricular clubs to Excelsior students in order to allow for more academic and social engagement. Since Ansley enjoys deepening her knowledge of topics that interest her and honing her skills, she hopes that her students will find clubs to be an outlet for this type of learning. It is indeed a blessing to be a part of a community of friends that share your interests!

In addition to sponsoring fun clubs at Excelsior, Ansley enjoys riding her horses through the woods like Merida, analyzing films instead of just enjoying them, writing with the fountain pen she bought from a shop near Oxford University, hiking any trail that includes climbing or jumping on rocks or trees, planning her next trip to Ireland, and getting distracted by all of the wonderful books on her bookshelf.

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