Jodi Guerra

Instructor & Coordinator

Jodi Guerra loves teaching and watching others grow.  She graduated in 1988 from the University of Houston magna cum laude with a B.A. in Classical Studies.  (For those who are wondering, that is a major which focuses on ancient Greek and Roman literature, philosophy, culture, language, and history.)  She also has a Professional Certificate in Health Care Management from Trinity University in San Antonio, Texas.

Jodi has taught and tutored children of all ages from early childhood through high school in public, private, and home schools.  Since 1999 she has taught homeschool students Latin, literature, and composition.  In 2009 Hendrick-Long published a study guide authored by Jodi entitled “A Gentle Tour of Texas History,” which is available on Amazon. She most recently taught with an online academy where she served as the founding English Department Chair for several years and taught various literature, composition, and Latin courses. Currently, she oversees Excelsior Classes, a consortium of outstanding teachers dedicated to excellence in the online classroom. She continues to teach at Excelsior Classes as well.

Jodi, her husband, and four children live in Houston, Texas. While only one child is still homeschooled, three have graduated and now attend various universities. Besides teaching and reading, Jodi enjoys cooking and needlework.  She continues to be amazed at how God uses all of her experiences to refine her as a wife, mother, and teacher.

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Love for Jodi Guerra

Choosing to independently study Ancient Literature with Mrs. Guerra as my mentor has been the highlight of my school year. I don't want it to end - so it isn't! I have registered for another semester to dig deeper into the epic poems. I am so energized by having the ability to direct my studies into exactly what interests me and what I am passionate about. Mrs. Guerra is the best - her enthusiasm and knowledge are contagious!

A Student 

"...I wanted to let you know that [student] finished her first year of college and received A’s in both English composition courses. She credits you for giving her the tools needed to sharpen her skills as a writer. Thank you so much for that!"

A Parent 

Jodi Guerra is simply the finest teacher our children have encountered.  When we elected to enroll our teens in selective online classes we had concerns about how homeschooling moms would make the transition to classroom instruction and how they would handle the tech medium used to deliver instruction.  Jodi not only made that jump with professional ease, she was also able to communicate heart, that undefinable and elusive gift that only the very best teachers have.  Our teens loved the challenging instruction and looked forward to the next class they could take with Mrs. Guerra.  As parents we concur, Mrs. Guerra is the best!

A Parent 

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