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A Student

Over my high school years, I’ve taken Mrs. Guerra’s Survey of American Literature, Shakespeare Sampler, and American Gothics class, and I’ve loved all of them. In each class, we had the chance to analyze literature within the culture and how it developed over time, but also what each individual piece of literature communicates and the mind behind it—the author’s perspective and background. Through Mrs. Guerra’s classes, my love for literature has deepened, and I have learned to even appreciate writing styles I do not necessarily like because of her eye-opening and indiscriminate insight in class each week. In the long run, I feel that my own insight has deepened and that I am able to understand literature more fully because I recognize its significance and its limitless capacity to express. I will miss Mrs. Guerra so much as I head off to college as an English major. She is by far the best literature teacher I’ve had.