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Ava Zeliadt

Ava is a high school sophomore who lives in Tennessee. She lives on a small farm full of chickens, cats and goats. Ava’s family currently has four cats, two goats and lots of chickens. They plan to add two beef cows and a donkey someday soon. Ava has been homeschooled her entire life and started adding online classes to her usual curriculum five years ago. Ava has two brothers and a sister; she is the second oldest. She loves working with children and is a part-time nanny for family friends. Ava’s entire family is musical, and she has been playing guitar for five years. She also sings, plays a bit of piano, and is a member of a local youth choir. She is excited to be part of The Beacon staff this year for the first time, serving as an artist. She has been a Christian since she was very young, and she loves her church dearly. Her favorite activities include: making bracelets, writing poems, taking walks in the woods behind her house, catching fish, salamanders, crawfish, and other things in her creek, listening to sermons, reading her favorite books, learning new songs on her guitar and spending time with her family and friends. Some of her favorite movie series are “Marvel,” “Mission Impossible,” “Star Wars,” and “Narnia.”