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Bella Buonincontri

Isabella Buonincontri lives with her family of five. She is looking forward to serving on the Beacon this year as a news reporter. She enjoys school, playing with her siblings, sports, reading, and of course writing. She has always loved animals, especially dogs. Her parents let the children pick out bunnies for Christmas last year. They named them White Lightning, Moca, and Coco. With the help of their dad the siblings built cages for the bunnies, so they could have a fun place to play. Writing has been a piece of Bella’s life since she was five. She has written two books. The first was a children’s book inspired by her love for dogs. The second was inspired by her pet bunny, Moca. It is about animals with superpowers. Writing has always been a way for her to escape the real world and allows her to imagine a life where everything is so much simpler. Bella feels writing has been a natural talent for her because it comes easily to her; yet she enjoys raising the bar for herself by going above and beyond the writing projects her mom gives her.