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Brianna Crawford

Brianna, a news reporter for The Beacon, is a bibliophile who loves reading her favorite books many times over. She has several playful sisters who cook up all sorts of mischief with her. They have invented quite a few games, including their favorite, “Unfeeling Reporter.” In this acting game, one person pretends to be a nosy television reporter. They occasionally write a script in advance and film it for posterity. Brianna also enjoys all sorts of crafting. She likes crocheting the best, and has made hats, scarves, and blankets. She can also sew both by hand and machine. Once Brianna and her sister made a pioneer-inspired quilt together, sewn completely by hand. Some other arts she has attempted but never mastered include making notebooks, jewelry making, carving stamps, and making miniatures. She has sold her slime to neighbor children, and brings some along as a fun surprise to babysitting jobs. Brianna thinks it is extremely satisfying to create something and then use it. As a staff member at The Beacon, some of Brianna’s goals are learning how to write concise sentences, meeting word counts, and not beginning every sentence with a dependent clause.