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Christian Zeliadt

Christian is a high school senior who lives in Tennessee with his two younger sisters and younger brother.  He is very excited to serve as the Devotional Columnist on The Beacon at Excelsior Classes. He served last year as a reporter.  He is homeschooled, enjoys world history, military history and biology and works part time on an organic produce farm.  Amazed by the artistry of God, Christian also enjoys learning about the wildlife of the world. He plays piano and drums, serves on the worship team at his church, and is a member of a local youth choir.  Christian has many hobbies. He enjoys reading fiction and nonfiction alike, from “Redwall” and “Gregor the Overlander,” to books on ancient history and marine life. He also enjoys writing stories, listening to sermons, film scores and “Dan Carlin’s Hardcore History.” His favorite music genres include jazz, swing and bluegrass. He plays strategy board games like Axis & Allies, Risk, and Catan. Christian likes to watch “Marvel,” “Star Wars,” and “Mission Impossible” movies.  He enjoys running.  He also likes to hike the Appalachian Trail with his family.