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Donna Penny

Donna Penny is a high school freshman who lives overseas. Donna has two younger sisters, Hannah and Kelsey. They are all cat lovers. JoJo and Buzz belong to her sisters, and Grippon is the sixteen-year-old family cat. Luna, an albino Persian with blue eyes, belongs to Donna (or owns her, as every cat person would know). From the age of five, Donna was homeschooled by her mom, but she recently moved to online learning. She is excited to be part of The Beacon at Excelsior Classes because she gets to apply her favorite subject, English. This year, which is her first year on The Beacon, Donna is working as the book review columnist. Outside of school, Donna loves to dance. She does ballet, pointe, tap, modern, jazz, and contemporary, and she helps with some of the younger classes. When she isn’t dancing, Donna enjoys reading, eating, playing ukulele, table tennis, and PlayStation or watching movies. She especially loves the “Marvel Universe.” Her go-to books are “Harry Potter,” “The Land of Stories,” and “A Series of Unfortunate Events,” all of which she has read numerous times.