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Lydia Stinnett

Lydia Stinnett is a high school junior with Excelsior Classes. She is very excited about her first year with The Beacon and is thrilled to be serving as the Columns Editor for the student-run newspaper. She is the youngest of the three children in her family and lives with both of her parents, her paternal grandmother, and her brother and sister (when they come home from college for breaks). Because of her father’s job as a pastor, Lydia has lived in quite a few states including Missouri, Indiana, Montana, Louisiana, and West Virginia. She is a devout Christian and loves learning more about God, reading His Word and seeing how it can affect people in day to day life. Some of her other passions are reading, writing, acting, gardening (despite her tendency to have a black thumb), cooking, baking, drawing, and struggling along in practicing the piano, flute and guitar (despite the enormous amount of pain it inflicts upon her family’s ears). Her greatest hope in life is to somehow make God’s earth a better, safer and happier place.