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Vincenzo Buonincontri

Vincenzo Buonincontri has always enjoyed using his imagination to build things, whether with Legos or in “Minecraft. He has constructed three cardboard robots over the years. He has a bunny named White Lighting that he got before the Christmas of 2019. He is Assistant Senior Patrol Leader in his Boy Scouts troop. He is also a Life scout working toward Eagle. He is writing a book series that he calls “Dark Magic.” He has read the entire “Harry Potter” series, as well as the “Percy Jackson” series. He has seen all 9 “Star Wars” movies as well as the back stories such as “Solo” and “Rogue One.” He has been homeschooled since 3rd grade. His favorite singers include Toby Mac, NewsBoys, Mandisa, and Bon Jovi. His favorite subject in school has always been science. He also enjoys a good day at the range, believing “If the floor is covered with shells it’s been a good day.”