Freshman 101: Why Should I Take an Online Course Now?

Dec 1, 2017

Many colleges, universities, and high schools are now offering online courses in addition to traditional classroom courses. Virtual learning offers several advantages over traditional learning. Below are five benefits of taking online courses while still in high school.

  1. Learning new technology

Logging in, taking online assessments, and uploading assignment files are a few of the skills necessary to succeed in a virtual learning environment. Becoming proficient in using these various technologies will prepare students for full time college work, where taking online courses is often required.

  1. Flexibility

Online courses can be synchronous or asynchronous. Synchronous classes are live. Asynchronous courses allow for students to complete work on their own time rather than in a live classroom setting. Certain kinds of subjects might be better suited to be done live, but even live classes are generally recorded and can be watched later. This type of flexibility gives students the opportunity to engage in other activities and avoid many scheduling conflicts.


  1. Variety

Want to take a cooking course or a Japanese class but your school or community college does not have what you’re looking for? If so, online classes are one way to take courses that might not be otherwise available. Also, many of these unusual courses can help to enhance a student’s resume.

  1. Responsibility

For students who need to learn responsibility, online courses offer a chance to take charge of their own education and learn how to meet deadlines. This is certainly a plus for those who will soon be going to college, where meeting dea

online course

dlines is of the utmost importance.

  1. Convenience

Just being able to take a class from the comfort of your own home, or from a beach, or in your pajamas if you like, can certainly be an advantage. Also, not having to drive to school may help to reduce your stress level and save you time and money.

Why should you take an online course now? Because online education offers something for just about everyone.

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Diana Lamolinara is a native speaker of Spanish who has lived in the Spanish-speaking countries of Puerto Rico, Venezuela, and Spain. She also lived several years in Italy, where she studied Italian.  Mrs. Lamolinara has a BS in Business Administration and a BA in Foreign Language Education from the University of Maryland, College Park. Diana has been teaching Spanish to students at all levels from Pre School to AP for over 25 years.  She is a former homeschooling mom. In addition to teaching, Diana enjoys reading, exercising, cooking and taking long walks with her dog in the woods.  The Lord has blessed Diana and her husband with four children and three grandchildren.

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