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Rebekah Hair


Rebekah Hair is an artist, author, and teacher who was born in the mountains but spent most of her childhood in Beaumont, Texas. She is the oldest of seven, many of whom have attended Excelsior Classes. While growing up, Rebekah would make up stories with her stuffed animals and would play them with my younger brothers. Eventually, her storytelling adapted into a love for artwork and writing. She loves art and color, strong emotions and stories, and creating new worlds for stories.

Rebekah graduated from Louisiana Christian University in 2021 and self-published her first picture book shortly after. Since then, she has worked as an art teacher and freelance illustrator, helping other small book projects as an illustrator. Her first official book, Take That, Hurricane!, a picture book focusing on hurricane recovery, will release this year.

Rebekah credits taking courses with a passionate teacher for her becoming an artist. As a teacher, her joy resides in helping other artists find their purpose.


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