Tuition Information

Courses are sold a la carte (individually). Precise tuition information can be found on the individual course pages.

Family Registration Fee


LMS Technology Access for the Entire School Year;
Administrative Functions Supporting Technology Use and Support Systems

One Semester Course Tuition


(Once per week – 90 minutes instruction time)

Full Year Course Tuition


(Once per week – 90 minutes instruction time)
(Math is twice per week – 60 minutes each instruction session)

Independent Studies


Standard/Customized One Semester

* Some courses may have a user license payment for special software used for the course experience. 


Family Account Set Up

Setting up an account and payment of the school year’s registration fee are both necessary to participate in Excelsior Classes. The family registration fee is good for the school year for which you are registering and enables you to register your students for any course. Your students will be provided with LMS technology access for the entire school year for which you have registered them.


Initial Course Deposit

Class and study sign up entails a 30% non-refundable tuition deposit to Excelsior Classes, LLC to hold the seat. If your course purchase entails a user license for special software used within your course (for example, Big Ideas Math or Yellowdig), then that amount is also charged as part of your course deposit. There are no refunds for course deposits or software/technology charges. Please see our refund policy here.

Please note that some classes or clubs have zero deposit. Special events may be charged 100%. This will be noted on the product page.

There is a small discount available for overseas missionaries (living overseas 100% of the time and with a sponsoring organization) and for active duty military. Please write to for more information.


Subsequent Payment to Excelsior Classes Teachers

The remaining tuition balance is billed by and is due to the individual teachers by August 10, 2024 for full-year and fall semester classes, or by January 1, 2025 for spring semester classes. Families registering after these dates or after classes have started do not receive any time extensions for payment.

Teachers offer preferred methods of payment which minimize processing fees. Per consortium guidelines, if a parent wishes to use a method of payment which does incur a processing fee, the teacher is allowed to assess a processing fee equivalent to and no more than the processing fee costs. Please direct questions about this to the individual teacher.

Some teachers may assess a supply or lab fee. This fee may cover the cost of user licenses for your student’s access to various online materials, including pdfs of textbooks, access to websites used for the class, or actual physical materials deemed necessary by the teacher. Such materials would be mailed to your student. The supply fee is due when the tuition is due; please see above for due dates.


Dual Credit Consideration

If the tuition is for dual credit one-semester courses, then the deposit and tuition should be paid in accordance with Excelsior Classes’ timeline (see above). Dual enrollment students will also enroll with LETU, paying $99 per credit hour for the class. Dual credit fees will be billed by LETU and are payable directly to them. If you have questions, please email

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