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What Is So Important About the Blobfish?

Apr 16, 2018

What Is So Important About the Blobfish?

Have you ever taken a look at some of the animals that God has created and wondered “Why?” Well, there definitely are some exceedingly odd-looking animals in the animal kingdom, but when you really learn about them, you can see that they have a very important purpose. For example, sometimes I look at animals like the blobfish and wonder, “What purpose can this possibly have?” They are not very attractive and seem to be so lazy that they would serve no purpose at all. However, when you learn more about the blobfish, you realize that because it lives so far down in the ocean, 4000 feet below the surface, it would be harmful to the fish to have a lot of bones or swim bladders like other fish. The pressure would kill them instantly. God made them unique to survive the depths of the ocean, and this is good for us because not many animals would survive depths like that, but the blobfish is able to eat the small animals on the ocean floor and help keep the ocean floor clean.

BlobfishSo why is this important? When I study animals in my biology classes that may seem unusual, I realize that God has a plan for all of them and has made them uniquely able to survive their environment. He gave them a job to do. I am in constant amazement that our God knows exactly what each one of these animals needs to be successful and happy, just as He does for us. Every one of us has a purpose and job that we were put here on earth to do. God gave each one of us the ability and talents to accomplish these goals if we are open to hearing His plan for us.

As homeschool parents, we have the privilege of helping our students find their God-given talents and watching them grow in the area that makes them happy. I know that I have had days where I have felt like I will never reach my child, and then when I least expect it, I see the light bulb go off for them. These moments are what I live for. I cannot believe I have been blessed to see those moments, when my child has found a passion and I just know that it will mean great things for them in the future. So I want to encourage you, on the days when you feel like all you see around you are blobfish, stay hopeful. Just like the blobfish, you and each of your children have a very special purpose and God will show it to you when you least expect it.


Heather Getson has been teaching science classes online for the last seven years and loves watching her students find connections between science and their everyday lives. She has been married to John for 20 years and has four kids, whom she is currently homeschooling. As a family they love to be outdoors; camping, hiking, and traveling are their favorite things to do together.

The thoughts and opinions expressed are those of the author and should not be taken to represent the views of Excelsior Classes, LLC or the consortium of teachers.