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Debbie Stokes has been teaching science classes for over twenty years and still finds great awe in how beautifully and intricately the Creator designed all things. She finds it a great privilege to journey through the “study of life” with students!

Debbie graduated cum laude from Kennesaw State University in 1991 with a B.S. in biology. She also earned her M. Ed. in science education from Georgia State University. She taught high school science classes in the public school system of Cobb County, Georgia for sixteen years and has taught science classes online for the past six years. She describes her teaching style as a combination of passion for the subject matter mixed with creativity and fun. “One of the best parts of teaching is creating clever and meaningful ways to break down complex information in a way that makes sense to the student. I like to do this by making the information relatable to the personal life of the student, adding some humor or emotion, and a twist of power that helps the student to remember the information long after the test is over,” says Debbie.

Debbie lives in Georgia with her fellow scientist husband, an Emergency Medicine Physician, and their four children. With such strong science genes, one might think the children would be four little scientists in training. But, to their surprise and delight, the older two children include a daughter studying dance at the University of Alabama and a daughter in high school planning on majoring in music. Well, it might make sense after all as their dancer daughter explains: “The thing my mom loves about science the most is the beauty of the creativity of it — the art in it.” Debbie agrees saying, “Yes, one can’t really separate the arts from biology because there is something just so mesmerizing about the beauty of this life that God created!” Maybe that love of the arts is why Debbie also enjoys photography, writing, and designing…oh, and taking in the sights at Disney World as often as possible!

Blog Posts By Debbie Stokes

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Love for Debbie Stokes

Mrs. Stokes made the class FUN while providing strong material and a good balance of workload.  She is a natural teacher, easy to understand, and always uplifting.

A Student 

I love how Mrs. Stokes explained the material.  She made it a lot more interesting and easier to remember.  She was the best teacher I've ever had for an online class.

A Student 

Mrs. Stokes was honestly the best teacher I've ever had. She has a real natural talent.  Science is usually my weak point, and I got an A in biology, thanks to Mrs. Stokes' wonderful teaching. 🙂

A Student 

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