Kerrie Childress has a love for science that she desires to pass along to every student she teaches. She graduated in 1996 with a B.S. in Biology and Chemistry from Bob Jones University and in 2001 with a M.A. in Health and Exercise Science from Furman University.  She has over 15 years of teaching experience in 3 states and several different platforms. Kerrie is also currently teaching on-line for a local community college as well as teaching science classes at Excelsior Classes.

Kerrie enjoys traveling and has had the privilege of being part of 8 mission trips to several continents and within the United States.  She also loves history and seeing different historical sites around the US. Her favorite place to visit is the eastern part of Tennessee and one day hopes to build a cabin there to enjoy the beauty of God’s creation.

When she is not teaching or traveling, Kerrie enjoys reading, crafts and spending time with her family.  Kerrie and her husband and two boys live in South Carolina.

Blog Posts by Kerrie Childress

Bugs, Bugs, and MORE Bugs

How do you feel about bugs? I have a confession… I HATE bugs.  Really.  I can’t stand them.  You might ask: how can a science teacher not like bugs?  I don’t know if I’ve always disliked creepy crawlies.  In fact, I’m not sure where it all started.  But I do love to...

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Chemistry Students Learn by Doing

Why are hands-on labs so important? What can a student learn from this approach? My favorite part of teaching science classes is performing labs. Experiments allow students to learn the material in a different way and for many students a better, more fun way. The goal...

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The Problem With Word Problems

“Why are these problems so long and wordy?” I hear this or similar questions from my students every time we work on a lengthy word problem. Maybe you have heard it from your own children. Well, I have several great answers for them, even the student who is not...

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Afraid of Science Labs?

“I can’t do labs! They are messy or scary and I need special equipment.” The good news is that you don’t and you can do it! Science and discovery are all around us. You don’t need special equipment. You can do many labs with items around your house or found at your...

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Have You Made Your Summer Bucket List?

A summer bucket list is something that I’ve never written before, but I have seen it on social media the last few weeks as summer vacation has started for most students. So, as a science teacher, you might be able to guess that my summer bucket list would have several...

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Love for Kerrie Childress

My older daughter entered the field of nursing this year (her first year if college) because Kerrie fostered a true love for science in her. Now my youngest daughter is benefitting greatly. We continue to refer people to Kerrie.

A Parent 

Mrs. Childress is an excellent teacher, explains concepts clearly, and maintains high standards for students.

A Parent 

[Student] LOVES your class and having you as a teacher!

A Parent 

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