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Welcome to ASL II! In this class, students will solidify and build upon what they learned in ASL I. The concepts of American Sign Language are deep and complex. Students will learn more about sentence structure, the correct variations of those structures, and when to use them. They will learn new classifiers and use those, along with the ones learned in ASL I, for sentence building and storytelling. The use of non-manual markers will be essential and utilized in more depth. As students increase their vocabulary, they will also increase their knowledge of how to interpret the meaning of words, sentences, and phrases as they translate the meaning of English to ASL and of ASL to English.

At the end of this course, students should be more fluent and confident in both speaking and understanding ASL, and they should be ready for college-level ASL classes. For students interested in pursuing interpreting careers, the instructor will provide information and guidance regarding available certifications.

Please view prerequisites and required supplies below.


Note: Microphone and camera capability are a requirement for this dynamic class experience both in class and in use of the LMS. We do not recommend attending this course via phone or small tablet as students cannot see all the components well enough on small screens.

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A camera for class-time is required to be able to see you signing the vocab and concepts during class. Also, a way to video yourself and upload that video to Canvas is required.

There will be a textbook required for deaf culture. Details are pending.

Kelli Mathews has loved American Sign Language and the Deaf community that communicates with it for more than 25 years. While living in the Ft. Lauderdale area, she interpreted professionally in her community as well as for a large Deaf ministry at her church for 12 years. Being involved in Deaf club, Deaf ministry, and Deaf people’s lives was a huge part of her life while living in Florida.

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