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French III

Students in this intermediate/advanced course will have a short review of intermediate French, then will proceed to increasing vocabulary and formulating more advanced sentences. French III students will also begin exploring French literature and poetry, learn Bible passages, and dig deeper into Francophone history. Instruction will be enhanced by audio exercises to improve speaking and listening comprehension. Instruction for French III is rigorous and fast-paced; the teacher will present much of the class in French.

Course description and class content developed by Sarah Lehtinen for exclusive use with Excelsior Classes.

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Student textbook: Discovering French Today Level 3 (1 Year subscription) 2013 Edition, Author: Valette. ISBN: 978-0-54-790193-0, Publisher: Houghton Mifflin-High School

****NOTE: A link for text purchase will be provided to all students and parents prior to the start of the school year. Clicking the link will take you to exactly what you need to purchase.

Sarah Lehtinen has always been a teacher at heart! In her French classes, she wants her pupils not just to be students of language, but also of the world. She feels that global citizenship is one of the best lessons she can teach through language. Sarah enjoys trying new restaurants, yoga, ballet, coffee shops, and hiking. She is married to Simon, a fellow French speaker. They reside in Charlottesville, VA. Sarah teaches French III for Excelsior Classes.

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