Research Writing for Beginners



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Research Writing for Beginners

Writing papers is an inevitable part of academia, and mastery of the form is critical for success regardless of intended field of study. It is not sufficient to be able to write a thesis statement and have strong topic sentences; students must also be able to use outside sources to develop ideas. Many students cringe when they hear the words “research paper,” but there is no need to fear!

In this introductory course, your student will practice and develop the skills necessary for conducting, managing, and presenting research. This course uses an incremental approach by beginning with guided research and gradually increasing skills and concepts to the final extended research paper. The teacher serves as a writing coach, guiding students every step of the way.

Skills learned in this class include choosing a topic, writing a thesis, conducting research through both primary and secondary sources, evaluating sources, using both paper notecards and electronic notecards, editing drafts, and compiling documentation. Students also will learn the most up-to-date methodology for MLA form. The Modern Language Association regularly publishes new editions, and your students will learn precisely what to do as dictated by the most recent update. Students will also learn to use APA form and will have a brief introduction to Chicago style.

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MLA Handbook (9th edition) by The Modern Language Association (ISBN-13 : ‎978-1603293518)

Teacher will provide all other materials for this course from online sources such as OWL Purdue.

Dawn Burnette is truly excited to be part of the Excelsior family as an English teacher! Dawn holds a B.A. in English Education/Journalism from Lenoir-Rhyne University and an M.A. in English Education from Georgia State University. She has also earned National Board Certification and gifted endorsement. While teaching English at a public high school for 15 years, Dawn served as English department chair, coached a nationally ranked dance team, and won a few local, state, and national teaching awards. Dawn loves sharing her passion for reading and writing, and she works tirelessly to help students reach their academic potential and to glorify God in all pursuits.

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