Research Writing for Beginners



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Research Writing for Beginners

Writing papers is an inevitable part of academia, and mastery of the form is critical for success regardless of intended field of study. It is not sufficient to be able to write a thesis statement and have strong topic sentences. Many students cringe when they hear the words “research paper,” but this need not be so!

In this introductory course, your student will practice and develop the skills necessary for conducting, managing, and presenting research. This course uses an incremental approach by beginning with guided research and gradually increasing skills and concepts to the final extended research paper. The teacher serves as a writing coach guiding students every step of the way. Skills learned in this class include: choosing a topic, conducting research on both primary and secondary sources, using both paper notecards and electronic notecards, editing drafts, and compiling documentation. Students also will learn the very latest and up-to-date methodology for MLA form. The Modern Language Association recently published a new edition, and your students will learn precisely what to do as dictated by the most recent update. Information on APA form is also taught as is a brief introduction to Chicago style.

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Jess Woods currently resides in upstate New York with her husband and three children. Though she spent her childhood and adolescence in Georgia, Jess has lived in eight different states and has a fondness for traveling and experiencing different regions, as each one has taught her something about herself and about community. Jess enjoys reading, writing, and all things music (ok, most things music). Teaching is the perfect career for her since she loves being able to experience an appreciation for words and story come alive within other people.

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