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World History – ALMOST FULL


In this year-long survey course, students will study world history from Creation to the present.  Using our textbook as the foundation of the course, history will come alive as students read selections from many key figures of the past, from Homer and Augustine to Montesquieu and Marx.  Readings also include brief eyewitness accounts about events and people such as Charlemagne, the French Revolution, and the Vietnam War.  These sources and others are available in the student activities manual and online.  Students will complete assignments based on readings each week.  In addition to these weekly assignments, other coursework such as projects, map work, timelines, and class discussions will allow students to share their ideas about events and people that have shaped world history.  This course will also include several short writing assignments, including paragraphs and essays based on common readings, and one short research paper (due in the spring).  Important skills that students will learn in the research process are critical thinking, finding primary and secondary sources, conducting research and note-taking, developing and defending a thesis, and writing a history research paper.

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World History, 4th edition, Bob Jones University Press; ISBN: 978-1-60682-118-3

World History: Student Activities, 4th edition, Bob Jones University Press; ISBN: 978-1-60682-190-9

Susan Eggers holds a bachelor’s degree in history and a master’s degree in Russian history. She has completed coursework toward her Ph. D. and has conducted research in libraries and archives in Moscow and St. Petersburg. Her first teaching position was at the college level, and after she started homeschooling her three children in 2003, she began teaching history and geography online. She and her family live in upstate South Carolina, where they enjoy reading, gardening, and playing with their two large dogs.

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