Current Coupon Codes


Coupon code excelsior24 provides $20 off tuition for the following courses for a limited time.
Each course has a limited number of coupon seats available on a first come-first served basis.
Please read the restrictions below.


  • The coupon may be used for up to 2 items per shopping cart and up to 2 times overall per customer.
  • It may not be used in conjunction with any other coupon/discount codes.
  • Please note that coupon codes must be redeemed at time of deposit and not after purchase. We are sorry that we cannot honor the code after you make your purchase. If you feel you are receiving an error, write to before finalizing your purchase.
  • Please note that any courses purchased using a coupon code may not be transferred to another course. The course deposits are non-refundable and non-transferable. Should you wish to make a change to a different class later, a payment for the tuition difference plus a processing charge ($20) must be paid in order to switch to a different course.


Art Classes:


BIble Classes:


English Classes:




Graphic Design:




Psychology & Human Science:


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