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Why Mastering Strong Paragraph Writing Is Crucial For Essay Writing

Mar 9, 2022

Why is it important to understand, apply, and master strong paragraph writing before moving on to essay writing?

Practically anyone can put together a paragraph of 5 sentences. But is it constructed properly? Do your sentences flow to form a well thought out paragraph that is understandable and enjoyable for an audience? Before writing a full-blown essay, it is necessary to be able to write a single paragraph effectively. In Language Arts Bridge, students hone their paragraph writing skills so that they are set up for success in future composition classes. Here are 4 reasons why the Language Arts Bridge course could be beneficial for your student:

  1. Confidence: Writing a 5-paragraph essay can seem pretty intimidating for many students. However, if a student focuses on familiarizing oneself with a single paragraph, he or she will become more comfortable in the writing process which will build confidence as a writer. When students feel like they can do something, they are much more apt to try. Building confidence through shorter pieces of writing, such as a single paragraph, will help build students up to where they need to be for the lengthier writing assignments in the future and help them feel adequately prepared for future courses that focus on constructing full essays. Like the saying goes, “practice makes perfect,” so why not spend some time perfecting your paragraphs?


  1. Purpose: Understanding the purpose of one’s writing will enhance one’s ability to write effectively. Within every piece of writing, there is a point that is trying to be made, an argument trying to be won, or information being shared with a targeted audience. Focusing on paragraphs enables students to spend more time delving into a specific area to write about. Language Arts Bridge will introduce students to a variety of different writing forms and help them determine which strategies to employ when writing for a specific purpose.


  1. Organization: Once students understand how a paragraph is formed, writing a 5-paragraph essay will seem much more feasible. They will realize that all paragraphs consist of the same essential structure, so they will have a formula to follow. This structure will become more advanced as their academic career builds, but mastering the structure early on will make difficult papers seem doable in the future. Students can remember the steps to take, and each paragraph will build off of the previous one. They can write each paragraph knowing that they are able to put together an essay that will flow smoothly as they put into play the tools of organization that they have already mastered.


  1. Editing: Editing a single paragraph strengthens a student’s writing skills at a smaller scale. Knowing that one’s focus is only on one paragraph can reduce the pressure that students may feel when it comes to the editing process. The student’s time can be spent making necessary changes that will enhance the quality of the paragraph. Writing one paragraph allows more practice before moving on to a 5-paragraph essay, which, in turn, will boost confidence in writing ability. It’s not always about the quantity. The quality of your writing comes first. Language Arts Bridge gently leads students into composing quality paragraphs.


To view the syllabus for Language Arts Bridge, or if you would like more information about this course, feel free to reach out to Brittney Tomczak at

Brittney Tomczak is a graduate of Western Governors University with a degree in Special Education. She worked in the public school system at the elementary age level for 4 years before making the decision to stay home with her children to homeschool. During her early homeschooling years, she also taught online composition courses at the high school and middle school levels for 2 years. Brittney is passionate about teaching. Her desire is to create a love for learning for students and help them to become confident readers and writers.

The thoughts and opinions expressed are those of the author and should not be taken to represent the views of Excelsior Classes, LLC or the consortium of teachers.