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Susan Spraker


Susan Spraker believes that each person has unlimited capacity to learn in their own unique way. It is her passion to lead students toward their own learning style in order for each to grow, to find their calling, and to excel. Susan holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Elementary Education with certification in K-8th grade. She has experience in various private and public elementary school environments. For the past eight years, her main role has been homeschool teacher for her children. 

Susan is passionate about leading others to find their God-given gifts to share with the world. She has served as a youth leader in her church and coached middle school cross country teams. She currently co-teaches an adult Sunday school class with her husband, volunteers as a Young Life leader in her community, and leads women’s Bible studies. Through each of these she finds opportunities to encourage others to lean into God. 

Susan lives in the mountains of Virginia with her husband, four children, four dogs (her favorite being her 160-pound great dane who thinks he is a lap dog), two cats, four horses, and a few chickens. She is an avid runner and a zealous reader. She and her family enjoy family board game nights and all things outdoors from biking to kayaking to hiking to simply being out in God’s world.

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Can Two Negatives Really Create Something Positive?

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Can Math Draw You Closer to God?

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