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Introduction to Psychology – LETU PSYC 2013 or Honors

Psychology is the scientific study of behavior and mental processes. This class will delve into fundamental theories, problems, and procedures relating to human activity. Biological, social, environmental, cultural, and religious factors will be analyzed as they relate to the whole person. Human cognition and behavior involves a complex interplay of thoughts, feelings, and actions. Through various theories and research, psychology attempts to explain and predict this complexity. Thus, the study of psychology should lead students to a greater understanding of themselves and others.

Class activities and assignments will assist students in implementing God’s call on their life. Devotions and class discussions, activities, and demonstrations will support the exploration of a Christian worldview and its application to psychology. Students will gain an appreciation for the breadth and depth of the field of psychology. Pupils will learn not only how psychology applies to their specialized field of study but also the interpersonal and intrapersonal skills necessary for effective participation in communities.

Special Note: This course is available as dual credit; however, a student does not have to dual enroll to take the class.


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Textbook: Myers, D.G., & Dewall, C.N. (2017). Psychology in Everyday Life, 4th edition. New York, NY: Worth.
ISBN-13: 978-1319114480

Lisa Roark is passionate about helping students understand themselves in order to reach their God-given potential. Lisa is a creative teacher who works to bring joy into the classroom and to motivate students to achieve success. She enjoys utilizing her knowledge and skills to create an environment where students are challenged, encouraged, and motivated to strive for excellence. Her experience in the counseling and psychology field has not only provided her with content-area proficiency, but it has also given her experience in working with people of different aptitudes and skill sets.

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