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Algebra I – GROUP 2


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$225.00 - includes Big Ideas Math user license - see below

Topics included in this course include writing, graphing & solving linear equations & inequalities, systems of linear functions, quadratic equations, exponential functions, polynomial equations, factoring, quadratic equations, radical functions & equations, data analysis, and how to use a graphing calculator. While students will learn the “step-by-step” methods of solving equations, they will also be given real world math problems and use reasoning & logic to make conjectures. This is a rigorous Algebra I course intended to prepare students for further levels of mathematics as well as science courses that utilize Algebra I. Students interested in AP exams will gain a solid foundation of mathematical understanding that will support further studies that could lead to AP Calculus and the AP exams, should that be the student’s goal. 

All Excelsior math instructors will be utilizing Big Ideas Math curriculum written by Ron Larson, Ph.D. and Laurie Boswell, Ed.D. This material will prepare students for upper level and college math classes. Students will have access to a digital platform that has many tools to facilitate learning. The digital user license is included in your course deposit. The material Excelsior Classes math classes will use is not common core aligned.

Parents and students can expect weekly homework assignments, chapter quizzes, tests, a midterm and final exam.

Please see this video for more about Excelsior Classes math courses and why you should choose us for your math education.

This class meets twice per week. Each meeting is 60 minutes. Regular, live attendance is strongly advised. Recordings are available if a class is missed or there is a conflict with another course. Students should watch the recording as soon as possible.




Before registering, math students new to Excelsior Classes math courses and wanting to enroll must take a placement exam.


New math students should use these instructions  and take the Algebra I Readiness Assessment. While this course is typically done in the 8th grade (mature) or above, ability to do the work is more important than age or grade. The purpose of this assessment is to ensure students are well placed in Algebra I. Scan the completed assessment, including all scratch work and send to The assessment will be graded and Mrs. Hunter will make the appropriate recommendations for placement in the Excelsior mathematics program.


Special Note 1: If you register for the course prior to receiving teacher feedback and decide to withdraw from the course, the deposit remains non-refundable. The deposit is transferable to another math course or another course for the current school year. 


Special Note 2: As in all Excelsior Classes courses, math class instruction is tied to the curated syllabus, and the teacher will teach to the syllabus and not to a particular skill set of a student. In other words, the teacher cannot sacrifice content and expectations overall for an individual student as we need to stay in alignment with educational goals, class participant expectations, and NCAA approval of our courses.

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Included in registration is the ebook for the text below. Excelsior Classes distributes the licenses for digital access.

Algebra I – Larson & Boswell – Samples may be viewed here.

A physical textbook is available but not required. It may be acquired on the second hand market. Please contact your teacher for more specifics on ISBN number.

A TI-84 graphing calculator is recommended. 

Amanda Hunter

Dr. Amanda Hunterhas enjoyed math & science since she was a child and became very interested in health care in high school which led her to Purdue University where she earned her Doctorate in Pharmacy in 2005. After seeing how closely diet and lifestyle are related to health and prevention of chronic disease, she also completed the Institute for Integrative Nutrition Health Coaching program in 2014. 

While she loved working in a traditional Pharmacy setting, Amanda has the heart of a teacher. Amanda’s significant educational background combined with her collegiate coursework and teaching experience make her a wonderful math and science teacher. Her students have included pupils who are advanced STEM students and those who are not as STEM-inclined. Amanda works to make her classes very practical while maintaining a college-preparatory standard. Students will learn how algebra, science, and health concepts will be applied to their adult-lives even if they do not enter a math/science field!. Online teaching for the past 7 years has allowed her to combine her favorite things… teaching, children, math, science, and health.

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4 reviews for Algebra I – GROUP 2 (5/5 stars)

  1. Jason

    My only regret with Excelsior Classes is not finding it sooner. The teachers are some of the highest quality instructors I have encountered as compared with those of traditional schools or other programs. Their attention to detail and patience is a true gift. My son talks often now about what he has learned and read.

  2. Student E.

    This was a great class! The teacher made the subject enjoyable and easy to understand.

  3. Jessica W

    This class covers a ton of material at a fast pace, but Mrs. Hunter makes sure that students aren’t left behind. I was impressed with her accessibility and her care for her students. We are not math people, so Mrs. Hunter’s instruction was invaluable to our homeschool year.

  4. Parent J.

    This was a wonderful class for my daughter. It covers a lot of material that is presented in a variety of ways to really master the concepts. Although challenging at times, this class has increased my daughter’s confidence in her math skills which has made it fun for her. Thank you Dr. Hunter for a fantastic class and all your support. My daughter will definitely be ready for her next math class!

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