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Barbarians at the Gate: When Life Was Short, Mean, and Brutish (Medieval History)

Castles, kings, knights, peasants, disease, and poverty are what we commonly imagine about the Medieval Ages, aka, The Middle or Dark Ages. It seems to be a time of misery and myth. We will focus upon the fracturing of Roman society, which was being replaced by unlettered barbarian warriors. We will look at Charlemagne and his legacy, the feudal lifestyles of peasants and Lords and the power of the Papacy and its role in the Crusades. We’ll also explore the arrival of the Vikings, the Hungarians, and the Black Death or The Plague. This course will make you grateful for the times in which you live…or will it?

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The Middle Ages by Dorothy Mills; ISBN 978-1-61538-114-2

The Year 1000, What Life was Like at the Turn of the First Millennium by Robert Lacey and Danny Danziger;  ISBN 10: 0316511579

Bill Hickey

Bill Hickey has a lifelong curiosity surrounding history. Bill loves to travel to historical sites across America, from Custer’s last stand to traveling the Lewis and Clark route, from Bunker (or Breed’s Hill) to The Alamo, from Constitutional Hall to petroglyphs on Hopi land. Bill's teaching experience encompasses teaching in schools of twelve hundred students, a charter school of seventy, and a girl’s private boarding school of forty. Along the way he was voted his community’s “Pride Teacher of the Year” as well as “Student Choice Teacher of the Year.”

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