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Introduction to Science


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Introduction to Science is a hands-on study of the world that God created. Students will learn about the human body, cells, photosynthesis, ecosystems, nature and physical science concepts through colorful, easy to read texts, videos, experiments and observations. The process skills of observing, comparing, inferring, predicting, evaluating and applying the scientific method are emphasized. Interpreting graphs and diagrams and recording observations will further prepare students for future science classes.

Please view prerequisites and required supplies below.

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My Pals are Here Science (International, 2nd Edition) Textbook ISBN 9789814861441available here

My Pals are Here Science Activity Book ISBN 9789814861502 available here

Blank nature journal

Lab supplies found around the home, at local stores or on Amazon

The teacher will provide more detailed information on the journal and exact supplies.

There is also an opportunity to order all of the required materials directly from the instructor.

Jamie Anderson

Lesen Schideman has always enjoyed teaching.  She has a B.A. in Elementary Education and a M.A. in School Leadership from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and Chicago. After serving as a teacher for several years in Chicago, Beijing and Kiev in a variety of roles, she moved to Champaign, Illinois, where she homeschooled her four children and teaches math and science classes. Along the way, she has taught dozens of science classes, including health to high school students.  Lesen likes to have fun with her students while helping to build their science literacy and awe for the Creator.

Lesen also enjoys talking to students and parents about life after high school.  She believes all kids are talented in different ways and creatively looks for opportunities for them to find their ‘next step’.   With her own children having a mix of different gifted characteristics, including dyslexia, she is quick to adapt to the needs of her students. She is quite happy to work with students who can’t wait to ‘cross off their list of assignments’ and those that are anxious to ‘do their own thing’. 

When she isn’t teaching, Lesen enjoys time at home, being a mom to her teenage and adult children, traveling, and exercising with friends. She is thankful for the Lord’s graciousness in her life!

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