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Gene is a high energy, “all-fun-all-the-time” type of teacher.  His enthusiasm on every conceivable topic is contagious.  A biblical, Christ-centered worldview permeates everything he does.

Gene had a 31-year Air Force career, starting as a Cold War defender, then Operation Desert Shield/Storm, and finally Enduring Freedom and Iraqi Freedom.  Most of his time was in the Munitions career field, but he finished as Professor of Aerospace Studies at California State University, San Bernardino.  He retired as a Lieutenant Colonel in 2005. He has a B.A. in Political Science, an M.P.A. in Public Administration, and completed Air Command & Staff College in residence.

Teaching is his passion: six years in the Air Force, six years in a public high school, and six years as an on-line teacher to homeschooled students. On-line Christian teaching is his calling.   To come alongside parents as they endeavor to teach their children at home is the pinnacle of his life’s work.

Those 17 years of formal teaching pale in comparison to his 32 years of teaching adult Bible classes. The Air Force moved him 13 times, but that did not deter him from quickly getting engaged in a local church and using his gift of teaching to build the Kingdom of God. Teach through the week, then teach on Sunday; it is what Gene does, it is who Gene is.

Lt. Col. (ret.) Doremus lives in rural, upper upstate New York with his wife Mary.  He has three sons, a step-son and a step-daughter.  In his blended family, he has 14 grandchildren, including one set of identical twin girls and another set of identical twin boys.

Blog Posts By Gene Doremus

Public Schools Not Keeping Up

Way back in 1979-1980, I earned one year of college credit at March Air Force Base in California by watching videos.  This was even before VHS; the tapes were bigger than VHS.  We called them U-matic.   I was in the Air Force, married with two kids, and needed to get...

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Christian Worldview: Disillusionment

Disillusionment: The Christian Response  Do you remember the scene in the movie Braveheart when William Wallace is betrayed by Scottish noblemen? He thought they were on his side during a crucial battle against England only to learn they had been bought off. The...

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Love for Gene Doremus

Lt. Col. Doremus is an amazing teacher who is invested in his students. He is well informed and captivates their attention presenting history as a story for all to enjoy!

A Parent 

Lt. Col. Gene Doremus is the teacher that everyone wishes they could have! He is passionate about the subjects that he teaches which translates into passion for learning on the student's part. My son absolutely loves his classes and has said many times that Lt. Col. Doremus is his favorite teacher ever! His knowledge and interest in the subject matter is evident and he has even taken the time to write his own workbooks for the classes he teaches. I am thankful for the opportunities that my son has had to be a student of Lt. Col. Gene Doremus and I know that he will be the teacher that is remembered fondly for years to come!

A Parent 

We loved our classes with Lt. Col. Doremus! He presents difficult material in an approachable and easy to learn manner. His subjects are fun and he makes the material entertaining and engaging. There is never a dull moment with Lt. Col. Doremus.

Former Students 

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