Honor Societies

Recognition for Academic Excellence

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Epsilon Kappa Epsilon

Epsilon Kappa Epsilon

Excelsior Classes English Honor Society
Jess Woods, Faculty Sponsor

Epsilon Kappa Iota

Epsilon Kappa Iota

Excelsior Classes Spanish Honor Society
Martha Phillips, Faculty Sponsor

Epsilon Kappa Sigma

Epsilon Kappa Sigma

Excelsior Classes Science Honor Society
Amanda Hunter, Faculty Sponsor

More subject honor societies to be added in the future.


  • Current enrollment as a student with Excelsior Classes
  • Previous enrollment in the past two (or three years) with Excelsior Classes in the subject for at least two full-year courses (or four semester equivalent) at the high school level (see list below for accepted courses) 
  • Final grades of an A in the previous courses
  • Current enrollment in the subject area at the high school level (two more semesters) OR upper classmen should have taken a minimum of six semesters worth of approved courses at the high school level with Excelsior Classes (see approved classes below)


  • Fill out this application – Application closes September 15, 2022 at 5:00 PM ET.
  • Receive approval (Excelsior Classes will check your previous grades and contact your previous teacher who will be asked to recommend your membership)
  • Pay membership fees for each club ($90 first year inductees; $70 returning members)
  • Join and participate in the honor society community


  • Acknowledgement of your hard work at a virtual Induction Ceremony/Reception hosted by the sponsor (inductee)
  • A certificate of membership (inductee)
  • An honor society t-shirt (inductee)
  • Quarterly meetings/events of interest to you with your sponsor! (all members)
  • Leadership opportunities (all members)
  • Honor cords for graduating seniors 
  • Returning members join for the discounted rate of $70

Accepted Courses from Excelsior Classes


English I, English II, English III, English IV, Foundations of Composition, Research Writing, Advanced Composition A and/or B, Creative Writing, Write Your Novel, Women Who Wrote the World, Grammar & Composition Workshop, Justice for All, Film Adaptation, Speech, Podcasting, and Screenwriting


Spanish I, Spanish II, Spanish III


Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Anatomy & Physiology, Astronomy, Space, Environmental Science, Intro to Technology & Engineering, Aviation Science (or previously offered Excelsior Classes science classes)

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