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The best part about this class was the amazing teaching style, and the teacher herself. I also feel like everyone in the class was actually connected to each other, as well as the lessons, so it was much easier to be in class and get work done. I also love how engaging the homework and projects were. This was the only class where I completed some of them early because I actually wanted to do them. This was a fantastic class and I would definitely recommend it to anyone who's interested in aviation or mechanics. (Aviation Science)

I think the best part of this class was that even though I have studied aviation science before, no matter what area we were covering I learned something new each time, and you did an amazing job of teaching class in a way that was fun and interesting which made it easy for the info to stick!

I literally have no complaints. I loved every class. I was even bragging to my mom saying this was my favorite class I have taken in High School.

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